About Us

Our bus and coach hire company is able to help you get around Milton Keynes easily and without any iota of stress. We realize that travelling can be stressful and that we can really help to ensure that this is not the case. We want to enjoy and relax while you travel with us, and we are proud of ensuring that our customers do just that. We aim to help people move around easily and to provide them with a wide array of options while doing so. We are proud of our large fleet of vehicles, one of which will certainly accommodate all your needs. Also, our operations have been structured in such a way that we are able to easily respond to the most urgent and pressing needs of our customers. This means that we can usually provide the vehicle that you require quickly, usually the same day and very often within just minutes. We pride ourselves in being always ready to answer to customers and being able to deliver quick, speedy, and effective transport solutions. We have a dedicated team that are ready to take your calls regarding the booking of our services. Get in touch today and experience first hand the professionalism and dedication of all our staff.

Our organisation would not have the excellent reputation that it does if it was not for our terrific drivers. They very much make the business a success. As regards our drivers, we take great pain to train them on certain aspects of their service delivery. Excellent service delivery is what we are extremely proud of and we ensure that we deliver on this for every customer, every time. We have the reputation of being consistently excellent for our services and reliability in the Milton Keynes and surrounding areas and we go the extra mile to ensure that our reputation is maintained. On areas such as comportment, conduct, etiquette, etc, we make sure to take our time in training our drivers and to ensure that they act in a way that portrays our attention and commitment to quality. We invest heavily on training to ensure that our drivers behave as professionals. That way, we can be sure that they represent us as we wanted to be represented. We ensure that they represent Milton Keynes Minibus well when they’re on the field. Their on-field skill s are also assessed; adherence to traffic rules and laws, ability to react quickly, decision making, etc. All of our drivers undergo regular assessment and go through a very strict vetting process when they are recruited. We put our customers first and we will like to ensure that your trip is safe comfortable, and that you get to your desired destination quickly and without any complaints. Milton Keynes Minibus ensures that safety is our number one priority on any journey with us. After this, it is all about your comfort and our professionalism to ensure that all your needs are met during the time that you travel with us. It has taken a lot of effort to build our reputation in the Milton Keynes area and we will continue to ensure that it is maintained to the highest standards.


Wherever you need to get to within and around the Milton Keynes area, you can rest assured that with Milton Keynes Minibus, your trip will be safe, comfortable, and stress-free. All you need to do is to sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride. We will take of everything for you.